Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Brexit thoughts, (Nothing to do with happiness!)

The revolution IS being televised,
The revolution is on social media.
The piglet and pooh pastiches, the re-run petitions re-run, the wails and tales and what the f!
The implodes and explodes and the silent retreat modes,
The friendships in question and IQ on trial.

It IS a revolution.
And it IS being televised.

Let them eat cake is the Westminster vibe,
The BBC, guardian the, chattering minds.
But the ordinary, dispossessed, helpless ignored. 
The workers, protesters, manipulated many have delivered their verdict unqualified -bold

Autonomy- Freedom -Connection- Belonging- the need in the story is timeless, predictable, sorry.
It's a revolution no different than any before
Led by opportunists, fanatics and nationalists with distorted  passion and one or two lies..
Fuelling and feeding the anger and lack, or what the heck, to the obviously bored.
The revolution is being televised, media-ised, lionised. 

The familiar players are all on stage
Who is Robespierre who Stalin, who Benjamin Franklin?
See the honour and integrity exploited and changed on both sides.
The rejection of union, undoing the union, united we aren't in uncoupling, reforming, revolting.
Yet hell is also a world without change.

The revolution IS being televised!
Choose love, choose humility, choose understanding choose wisely.
Or choose need needlessly.
Whatever you choose WILL be televised,
It already is.

It IS a revolution.

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